Terms & Conditions

Unlike usual escrow service, Multisig Escrow is automated and doesn’t require “a man in the middle” until the dispute is started. It is like in a game when players move turn by turn:

    Buyer transfers money to a unique wallet address;

    Seller gets a notification that the buyer has placed an order and fully paid for this;

    After the seller has shipped the product, he notifies the Service about that by clicking a certain button the Order page;

    Buyer gets a notification on the Order Page about the product being shipped, tracking information is provided on this this step if there is any;

    When buyer gets the product and he or she is satisfied with the product, the buyer releases the money by clicking a “Release Money” button on the Order page;

    Seller gets his money.

    If the buyer did not get a product or service, or the product was fake, invalid or broken, he can click on “Cancel and Refund” button on the Order Page and get his money back without any loss;

    If the buyer is not fully satisfied with the product for any reason, he can start a dispute by clicking a “Start Dispute” button on the Order page;

    Administrators will require all needed information from both parties and make a decision. This decision is final and can’t be changed later;

    Refund will be made to the wallet the buyer has provided when placing the order.

    Advertising of any 3rd party services in comments and uChat is forbidden.

    CP, violence or any other disgusting links are not allowed.

    All payments are in Bitcoins