• 1 Oz Gold bar Gold is Gold  DHL. Tracking is provided

Where did you take them?

We use stolen credit cards data to buy bars online on the official manufacture’s website.

Is it safe?

It is absolutely safe. Bullions are not registered anywhere, they don’t have the owner. Unlike stolen physical credit cards metal bars are absolutely safe.

How can I benefit from these metal bars?

You can re-sell them locally, you can remelt them to make jewelry or you can keep them at home as an investment. It is a good investment because of low volatility.

Where can I sell these bars?

You can sell them to the nearest bank, jewelry’s shop or pawnshop. There are also local jewelers that are interested in high quality precious metal.

Is the delivery safe?

Absolutely safe. It is absolutely legal to ship precious metal bars internationally. Express shipping is included in price. We ship via reputable delivery companies only – it is fast and 100% secure. They won’t steal your package.

How long does the shipping take?

Express takes 2-4 days, Overnight takes 1-2 days.

Why do you sell rather than use by yourself?

We are in this business for few years and already sold enough bars in our town so we started raising suspicious here. Thus, we decided to sell metal in .

Looks perfect, how can I place the order?

Look at the price-list below and choose the bars you want. Then fill in your shipping address and proceed to checkout. Follow the payment instructions. After that wait until we ship your package and check order page for tracking number.

There are the following reminders when purchasing a product

Do you find a sales channel?

The product does not provide any certificate

Genuine goods

It is recommended to buy 5 pieces that can be packed in worn clothes (60X40 boxes)

Don't ask us, we won't bring you any troubles.

Global delivery

1-2 days in the Americas

1-5 days in Asia

1-3 days in Europe

Unified delivery method DHL air transport

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1 Oz Gold bar Gold is Gold DHL. Tracking is provided

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